Our shipping costs are cheaper now than they were 10 years ago, so much so that we are now offering free shipping and insurance. Doesn’t matter where it is going, how big or heavy it is, the price of the clock is all you pay. Anywhere in the world !

We have been shipping clocks all over the world for 35 years, we crate and pack them ourselves, and our door to door service with full customs clearance and insurance is unrivalled..

For deliveries within the UK we are in most cases now able to deliver and set the clock up in your home at no extra cost.

If there was an unresolvable problem with the clock, we would make a full refund on the item after its safe return to us, ALTHOUGH IN 35 YEARS THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. There may be a reduction in the repayment if the card providers charges are not refundable.

Over the years I have built up a relationship with clockmakers all over the U.K. and worldwide, we employ these trusted individuals to look after our customers, so your guarantee will be covered locally, wherever you are.